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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in Soul [Blog], Sweat [Fitness] | 0 comments

Turkey Talk and a Three-Way Strength Circuit

Seeing that THE DAY OF FOOD is only 6 days away, and counting…

Which, by the way, can you believe it?

It was just summer!  Half the time it still feels like summer.  Also, November means that I’ve almost been married for a year!  Those photos hanging in our living room of me in a gorgeous dress with this fantastically handsome man?  A year old.

That’s nuts.


I had all these grandiose plans to test a bunch of Thanksgiving recipes and put them on here for you guys.

But I quickly realized three things:

1.  I have a nearly full-time job.

2.  I am still totally thrilled to be spending Turkey Day at my parents house, jazzing it up in the kitchen with my mom and sister.  We’ve always made it all from scratch.  Down to the dime.  My mom is my food-soul twin.  So, why make a bunch of new recipes here when we’ve got our meal lined up with family favorites?

3.  If I were to cook up any of these said family favorites on the blog for you… Jordan and I would have to eat them before Thanksgiving.  Which, in my opinion, spoils all the fun.  I want to save my pie for Pie Day.

YES, PIE DAY.  That’s what it’s called, ok.

So, I’ll photograph some dishes while I’m home and share a Thanksgiving wrap up of some kind on here.  That way a few recipes will be ready set for next year!


Something to share instead:

Friday Favorites, aka Big Time Smiles from This Week

1.  Guess which one I’ll be on Thanksgiving… er every day?


2.  Fellow blogger, Jenna, loving on my favorite book ever.


3.  My own favorite read right now.  I’ll probably be posting some quotes or a review soon, because this woman’s insight is amazing :

Bittersweet, by Shauna Niequist


4.  Everything I want in a pie ever.  This is happening when we celebrate my mom’s birthday right after all the Christmas celebrations…. aka more eating.  Zippin’ up my fat pants:

Triple Coconut Cream Pie

Of course, even more smiles this week have been with all the ones I love.

  • The mondo friend gathering last Saturday, cracking up over rounds of Telephone Pictionary
  • The phone conversations with my mom detailing my sisters desire to eat “that broccoli that you make that way that it makes it SO YUMMY!”
  • Snuggle nights with my hubby watching Safety Not Guaranteed and Moonrise Kingdom
  • The dreaming and pining and dying for next Wednesday to get here so I can go home for the first time in forever.  To enjoy  my absolute favorite holiday.

And on and on and on.

Those things.

Remember those things and GIVE THANKS.


Want another little something to get you to the Turkey with a little less fluff?

A new workout blast!  This is a great, short circuit to add to a cardio routine for a more well-rounded burn.  For example, last time I knocked it out after a 5 mile treadmill run.













As always, especially with these basic moves, form is key!

Standard Push-Ups:  See the best form for a variety of push-up here.

Squats:  Check out this Fitnessista post for the 411 on proper squat form.  Scroll down to the bottom.

Frog Crunches:  Another post on “10 Ways to Crunch”.  The Frog Crunches are also near the bottom.

Complete all three moves for the reps noted, then work through them two more times.

Beginners:  Try one round first.  Slowly build your way toward all three rounds and modify the moves as needed.  Do your push-ups on your knees (Modified Push-ups detailed in the link above).  Then slowly work your way up to a few sets on your feet!

Advanced:  Try weighted squats!  (I used two 10 lb. dumbells).   Swap out another ab burner move you love to challenge yourself.  Try  Incline Push-ups, Decline Push-ups, or Stacked Feet Push-ups (as detailed in the link above).


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