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Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Soul [Blog] | 0 comments

She Reads Truth

There’s this thing that happens every once and while, when you’re trying to get to know more about God…


…and you want Him to talk to you through His Word every day,

…but you just can’t figure out what to read,

cause you’ve already read through the Gospels like a million times,

and you can’t stop reading Romans over and over.


And Revelation is a little too much like a movie for your mood right now (and could possibly lead to crazy dreams).

Plus, where’s a pastor when you need him to explain stuff?


And so, to be Super Seminary, you decide you’ll try Leviticus or Deuteronomy.

But that only lasts a few days, because you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into.

You need something that’s easy to APPLY or BE THANKFUL FOR at 7AM (or 10PM – which is sometimes when my devotional time happens).

Let’s call it the Scatterbrained Bible Slump.

But guess what? I have the best news for you ever!



There’s this really great movement out there called…


I’d read about it before, but just joined in the fun a few weeks ago!



She Reads Truth is a Bible reading challenge that has women all over the world reading the same book of scripture at the same time, chapter by chapter.  They’re learning and sharing (via Twitter, #SheReadsTruth and through photos on Instagram) what God is teaching them daily.

It’s the coolest thing, and it makes me kinda get tingly and giddy and maybe urges me to blast some worship jams and sing at the top of my lungs about how totally rad the Lord is!!


Right now we’re reading through Galatians.  But it’s never the wrong time to join in!


So, here are your three steps:

  1. Visit the She Reads Truth website to read more about its beginnings and HOW to start reading along.
  2. Read Galatians along with me every day. Then, take three minutes to read through the daily devotional post on the website.  There are GRACE DAYS too just to catch up if you miss some readings.
  3. Share what you’re learning.  Comment here (I’ll be posting about my readings on and off on the new blog, as soon as it launches), post to Twitter, or snap a photo of your Bible and share the Truth that God is speaking into your heart!

There are GRACE DAYS too just to catch up if you miss some readings!


The site recommends that you sign up for the plan through YouVersion on your phone or computer, but I like to read straight from the page.

(I’m workin’ on my worn-thin granny-style Bible by the time I’m 60.)


A few of my favorite bloggers are also on board:


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