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Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Soul [Blog] | 0 comments

Let’s Be Friends: A Social Collective


We’ve had one seriously packed weekend!  Between bachelor/bachelorette parties, baking brownies, family and friends in town, digging into veggie burgers and fajitas, and a trip to Six Flags, we are SPENT.

But summer is truly here!  And I have a serious tank top tan to prove it.

Some summer favorites so far?

– Laugh-screaming down every hill of the Texas Giant.  Sweating in the sunshine and collapsing into each roller coaster seat.

– Ice cream and the aforementioned brownies (Coming to you soon, if I can manage to snap some photos).

– Crashing on the couch, full of thankfulness for the air conditioning, and watching Julie and Julia again.  The movie is simply brimming with joy and light and inspiration (culinary, blogable, and otherwise).  Please!  Go do what you love!

Julie and Julia

Now onward and upward!  We’ve got some bid’ness to discuss today.  There are now a bunch of happy ways that you can follow This Life Abundant through social media, and the like.

If you notice the sidebar you’ll see the following handy images and links.  Please click (or click below) to subscribe to get ALL the updates your heart could desire!

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And finally, if you’re new the blog-reading world, you may not be aware of an amazing tool, called a Reader, that instantly keeps track of all your favorite blogs and when they post new content.  Using one of the following readers, you can read all of my posts right alongside the oh-so-famous (and stupendous) Joy the Baker or Pioneer Woman.

Using Feedly is my absolute favorite of the two because of its sleek design, although both are great.  You can also download the app to your iPhone or Android or your iPad.  It’s the rockin-est!  If you have an account with Google Reader, Feedly will automatically migrate all of the blogs you follow.  Google Reader is shutting down in July.  That’s why you need to migrate to Feedly.

poppy_rss  This link will allow you to choose a reader through FeedBurner.  (Once open, Click on the Google + Icon and then Google Reader and set up an account there if you haven’t already.  Then, link your account with Feedly.  See below.)

Instead of Feedly, you could also follow This Life Abundant on Bloglovin':

poppy_bloglovin  This link with take you to my blog’s homepage on Bloglovin’.  You can set up an account there. 


And!  Iwillloveyouforever if you click on the buttons at the top or bottom of each post to share it via your own social media.

Big hugs and melting ice cream scoops,


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